Mind blowing amounts of ideas, inspiring and terrifying too! I have come home and bored my girlfriend senseless with how inspiring my day was!

Saltash.net Community School Cornwall, July 2013

One of the best courses I have ever attended in my 12 years of teaching!

Goffs School Hertfordshire, November 2014

I can say it is the best course I have ever been on. You are honestly inspiring.

Borden Grammar School Kent, July 2013

"Golden Nuggets" ...even from the first 10 minutes.

Wolfreton School Hull, July 2014

Fantastic, helpful and resourceful. Ali is outstanding.

National Keynote Sixth Form Conference London, July 2013

Probably the best course I have ever been on. Utterly valuable

Chigwell School Essex , July 2013

Was engaged from start to finish which is rare for me. One of the best INSET I have been on.

Piggott School Reading, July 2014

This INSET was amazing! One of the best sessions I have seen. Extremely useful ideas for AfL and independent learning which I will use in my class.

St Angelas Ursuline London, July 2014

Fantastic! Ali is always very thorough and directs his INSET to what clients need

Aman International School Jordan, January 2015

This is what CPD should be.

Hayes School Bromley, July 2014

Honest to God that was the most useful CPD session I have ever attended. He was a great speaker and gave us very practical things to use in lessons.

Ormiston Park Academy Essex, July 2014

Outstanding INSET for outstanding lessons, with outstanding outcomes. Truly excellent, thank you.

Downside School Bath, April 2013

In education, most charismatic speakers can often be substance over style. With Ali, you most definitely get both. Truly inspirational.

Oldbury Academy West Midlands, October 2013

Absolutely brilliant! Would love to have been taught by Ali as a student, so engaging. I have learnt so much!! Thank you

Borden Grammar School Sittingbourne, June 2013


Burgate School & Sixth Form Southampton, June 2013

Psychology Tuition 

My 13 years experience working as a Prinicipal Examiner included responsibilty for writing your A Level exam papers and awarding your grades.  In this respect I have a true insight into how Psychology exam papers are set and marked having supervised the marking of thousands of exams since 2002. I was also part of the team that wrote and produced the new A Level Psychology specification for 2008 and 2015.

I have been providing training and support to staff and students since 2003 and visit numerous schools and colleges regularly especially during the key revision season.  I have nearly 20 years teaching experience and have taught and examined for both AQA and Edexcel specifications at A level and GCSE and am a published author of three Psychology textbooks.

Whether its simplifying content or more importantly understanding what the examiners want then look no further. My sessions are always dictated by the needs of the student and we will typically focus on building confidence in understanding and answering exam questions. Getting your written abilities to match your verbal abilities is key as so many students know the answer but just cant write it down in the exam in order to get marks. Exams have changed significantly so there is less guessing what`s going to be on the paper and a heavier focus on applying knowledge to questions. I will challenge you to tackle these and other types of questions so you are fully prepared for them​. I always say 50% of your grade in August will be down to the correct type of revision and the other 50% is down to how you interpret the exam question, together we will successfully tackle both. I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve something special.

Further details can be found via my profile on the major tutoring websites below:

                 Select My Tutor  ​     See the source image​                                                          


You may also be interested in the following workshops...

Mental Toughness

This workshop focuses on the wellbeing and performance of staff and students, and examines the main sources of stress, pressure and change for leadership and how developing a positive mindset is key to staff development and performance

Exam Revision

Ali regularly visits schools and colleges to provide bespoke revision for students, typically focusing on exam technique for both AQA and Edexcel exam boards

What have others got to say about this workshop?

Ali was an excellent A level tutor and we were thrilled with the A* grade that our daughter achieved. She said Ali was an amazing support for her and helped her with exam and revision techniques as well as gaining a wider understanding of the subject

Fiona Lord Wandsworth College, August 2018

I had Ali as a tutor from January and through exam season. During this time we focused a lot on my exam technique. (Ali has great expertise in this subject. For example by explaining to me the thought process of the examiner consequently allowing for me to remove the parts of my essays which would not gain credit.) Ali was able to swiftly explain all of the concept required that i needed explaining in a concise discussion style of tutoring.

Adam Silverdale School, Sheffield, August 2018

Ali is a kind hearted individual and inspiring role model who cares greatly about the work he does and the people he teaches. His hardworking and passionate nature means he makes learning enjoyable and his positive energy is infectious. The tutor session goes so fast, I never look at the time, the hour just flies by

Megan Meadowhead School, Sheffield, August 2018