Mental Toughness

Ali is a registered associate for AQR International, who specialise in mental toughness and resilience training for various sectors including education.

Mental Toughness is a personality trait which is emerging as the key to understanding how people and organisations respond to stress, pressure and challenge. 

This workshop focuses on the wellbeing and performance of staff and students, and examines the main sources of stress, pressure and change for leadership and how developing a positive mindset is key to development and performance. Published research shows that it is significant in:

Performance – accounting for 25% of the variation in performance in individuals
Wellbeing – developing contentment and enjoying what you do
Positive Behaviour – developing positive mindset and creating a positive culture

It embraces concepts such as Mindset and positive psychology. The MTQ48 psychometric test is widely used in education all over the world for staff and leader development as well as student development. 

Understanding teachers and students level of mental toughness will be mutually beneficial for both. Teachers can become evaluators of their own teaching and schools can use early interventions with students who may need support. Students themselves will have an improved awareness of their own levels of resilience

*To introduce participants to an important concept and model – fulfilling an important CPD need
*To indicate simple and practical approaches to developing wellbeing and a positive frame of mind

*What is Mental Toughness –  its implication for performance, behaviour & wellbeing
*The 4Cs – the components of mental toughness and how each relates to behaviour and wellbeing.
*Assessing Mental Toughness and why that is important – to direct intervention and evaluate change
*Developing this in individuals and organisations – approaches, tools and techniques 
*How to coach for mental toughness

The session is:
*Highly participative –optimising the opportunity to understand the concept enjoyably.
*Effective – delegates will be able to use the concepts to their full almost immediately
*Follow up using comprehensive materials and on-line support from the test publisher.
Personally beneficial –  all participants can complete the MTQ48 in preparation for the programme required

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