Perfect !!! I totally understand now ! Thank you so so much for your rapid response and for your brilliant help and again for the fantastic course yesterday. I cannot tell you how invaluable I found it- thank you so much for your outstanding help and expertise.

North Halifax Grammar School, June 2021

“Some excellent practical strategies that I can use straight away but also, it made me rethink my approach.  It feels very refreshing and invigorating to have that and I’m genuinely excited about applying this in lessons

South Nottinghamshire Academy, June 2021

“Thank you very much for the course yesterday. I learnt lots, with a more permanent move to psychology it certainly helps to be reassured and discuss more techniques

Tanglin Trust School, Singapore, June 2021

“Thank you so much for your time and patience with JJ these past 7 months. Regardless of his final result come August, I think he has come to love Psychology and tells me that you have been a great ( and reliable) teacher over this time. We will most certainly recommend you to other Psych students.

Fiona, Haileybury College, June 2021

Thank you so much for today’s session. It was fantastic and so lovely to meet you. I feel like I’ve gained so much and am looking forward to implementing some of the different strategies discussed. Unexpected outcome has also been that I feel a bit more confident that some of the things I have been doing, are the right things to be doing for the lower ability students.

Seaford Head School, June 2021

“Came out of her exam with a big smile!! What a relief. I think having done some (specific) intensive exam question practice with you might certainly have given her a large helping hand. Huge thanks for all your enthusiasm and encouragement. She went into it feeling good and came out feeling good…. An outcome I could only dream about a year ago and all I could ask for whatever the final outcome. I am sending you a big hug!

Katja, Peter Symonds College, May 2021

“I have now taught chi squared since attending your lesson and feel much more happy with it. I would never say no to any of your sessions they have been invaluable

Royal Alexandra and Albert School, Reigate, May 2021

“Ali has been a superb tutor for my daughter, above and beyond our expectations. He not only helped her to understand the material and what was expected of her in terms of answering examination questions, but gave her the confidence to aim for the highest level. He did all of this with enthusiasm and humour which was infectious and my daughter looked forward to each lesson. Ali is a rare find and I could not recommend him highly enough. 

Micky, Roundhay Park Leeds, April 2021

“Money well spent! You made all the difference to her confidence! I cant thank you enough

Rebecca, Lord Wandsworth College, April 2021

“Another wonderful session thankyou so much I’m looking forward to the Y12 and statistics session

Royal Alexandra and Albert School, Reigate, March 2021

“I just wanted to say thankyou for organising the online student conference yesterday! It was really helpful especially from a mocks point of view 🙂

Rugby High School, Rugby, February 2021

“Huge thankyou for today, I found it very useful. I know its not the same online but you did really well to make it interactive and engaging

Rugby High School, Rugby, February 2021

“Perfect! Ali was excellent for my daughter. Above and beyond his exceptional qualifications, as a senior examiner and author of A-Level textbooks, not to mention his long experience in teaching and tutoring, beyond all of this he was helpful for my daughter on so many levels, including help in her university application as well as constant advice and support. Above all he clearly has that rare and special ability to transmit his own enthusiasm to his students. The consequence is that instead of taking a degree purely in philosophy my daughter is now taking a combined psychology/philosophy degree. Ali was absolutely worth every penny.

Ross, Belgium, August 2020

“Ali is an excellent tutor. He is very organised and provided clear and interesting lessons. Unfortunately as my daughter was taking her exams in 2020 she was unable to sit her A level as planned but feel sure if she had done so her experience with Ali would have provided her with a top grade. Thanks Ali

Suzanne, Newcastle, August 2020

“Very practical and appropriate with lots of great ideas; pithy and moved along efficiently, really met my needs

St Margarets School, London, March 2020

“The students absolutely loved your session! They are raving about you and you gave them the confidence they needed to know they are doing the right thing (mostly). I’m so glad they attended as they really got a lot from the day

GEMS School, Dubai, October 2019

“It was our pleasure to host you for the week, the students and we really valued your expertise and advice. For us as staff, it was genuinely reassuring to hear that your guidance is in line with what we already do and say to our students. But we still learnt a lot!

Dubai English Speaking College, Dubai, October 2019 

“I walked into class with a newly found confidence after the sessions with you! Thank you very much!!! My students also found the sessions very useful and couldn’t stop talking about it today! You made a huge impact on them in such a short time.

Brighton College, Dubai, October 2019

“Both of the sessions you ran for the teachers and students were fantastic. My students came away buzzing from the student session.

Dubai British School, Dubai, October 2019

“Hearing someone with so much knowledge of the ins and outs of the exams was such a great opportunity. It was extremely useful and he was very inclusive. I found his resources extremely helpful. It gave me such a useful insight into how i will be examined and what to look out for. It also helped me make links between different parts of the course and different studies and how they can evaluate each other, instead of everything separated in my mind.

Aspire Psychology Conference, Dubai, October 2019

“He had so much energy and it was great how he got everyone involved. I found him so helpful with exam technique & with what to expect in the exam. Even though the exam is next year, he’s really grown my confidence. Really hope he comes back next year.

Shebbear College, Devon, April 2019

“When told about the talk I thought it was going to be very boring but I actually found the talk so beneficial. I learnt so much about structuring the answers & how I should answer them. He was super engaging & motivating.

Shebbear College, Devon, April 2019

“I enjoyed listening to everything he had to say, but also thought that everything he told us was very relevant. He was so cheerful and made everything he said very exciting to listen to, even though it was about exams.

Shebbear College, Devon , April 2019

“Superb course. Best practical advice I have gained from any course I’ve been on

Alleyn’s School, London, November 2018

“Ali is a very good tutor and personally the best I’ve had at any means of learning. He is very knowledgeable about psychology, gives students respect and offers a means of teaching not taught in school. Before I came to Ali I was a C student and with only a few lessons Ali very much helped me achieve my A in A level. If you are in need of a tutor in psychology then I would very much recommend Ali

Matt, Henry Fanshawe School, Dronfield, September 2018

“We want him back! This is the best CPD we have attended for a long time and, collectively, as a whole staff we believe it was a superb way to start the academic year. Ali engaged us from start to end; the time went so quickly. We were delighted to receive plenty of relevant, accessible and thought provoking ideas which we have already started to use in our lessons. Highly recommended!

Sir Harry Smith Community College, Peterborough, September 2018

“I would recommend Ali as a psychology tutor. He was professional at all times, always on time and an excellent tutor. My daughter got an A* in psychology A level and he definitely played a huge part in her attaining this grade. Well worth the money. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a tutor.

Katie, Haileybury College, August 2018

“I had Ali as a tutor from January and through exam season. During this time we focused a lot on my exam technique. (Ali has great expertise in this subject. For example by explaining to me the thought process of the examiner consequently allowing for me to remove the parts of my essays which would not gain credit.) Ali was able to swiftly explain all of the concept required that i needed explaining in a concise discussion style of tutoring.

Adam, Silverdale School, Sheffield, August 2018

“Ali tutored my daughter for seven months leading up to her final exams and was very effective in engaging and motivating her. Ali tailored the learning around real events in the news or in my daughter’s life, which really helped. He was the utmost professional and put my daughter at ease from the start. His tutoring style is relaxed but he always kept the sessions focussed. Ali is a great motivator and mentor and always kept me up to date with her progress. Its my pleasure to recommend Ali

Kay, Meadowhead School, Sheffield, August 2018

“Ali’s help was invaluable in helping me achieve my final grade. He provided useful revision notes and tasks. Always happy to help in which ever way he can and made It interesting and fun

Jemima, Lord Wandsworth College, London, August 2018

“Ali was an excellent A level tutor and we were thrilled with the A* grade that our daughter achieved. She said Ali was an amazing support for her and helped her with exam and revision techniques as well as gaining a wider understanding of the subject

Fiona, Lord Wandsworth College, August 2018

“Ali tutored my son for Psychology A Level, focusing especially on exam technique. This was very effective and his grade certainly improved as a result. The session was packed with lots of information, targeted to his needs and provided really useful feedback on work done during the week. Definitely recommended!

Ellen, Silverdale School, Sheffield, August 2018

“Ali immediately put our daughter at ease with his friendly and easy to understand manner. Ali was able to break things down into concise, comprehensive, chunks. He was able to help with valuable exam technique. Every lesson was full value for money as he was well organised and every lesson tailored to her needs. Ali is a truly motivational and inspirational tutor and our daughter found him excellent. We feel he was worth every penny.

Susan, Colstons School, Bristol, August 2018

“I am a tutor in Cyprus and Ali provides Skype lessons for one of my students. I sit in on the lessons and am extremely impressed by Ali’s teaching style, knowledge and professionalism. He has established an excellent rapport with the student whilst maintaining strict boundaries. He is very supportive and adept at constructive criticism. I would thoroughly recommend Ali as a person and tutor.

Chris, Heritage School, Cyprus, August 2018

“Ali is a kind hearted individual and inspiring role model who cares greatly about the work he does and the people he teaches. His hardworking and passionate nature means he makes learning enjoyable and his positive energy is infectious. The tutor session goes so fast, I never look at the time, the hour just flies by

Megan, Meadowhead School, Sheffield, August 2018

“Ali supported me getting through my second year of A Levels. Ali’s knowledge of exam technique was phenomenal and where his expertise laid, reviewing my essays every week brought my confidence up after disappointing AS results and I walked into my final exam with ultimate confidence. He also clearly knew the topics thoroughly and could simplify complex concepts into the daily life which helped me to remember these psychological beliefs in a much easier manner

Abbas, High Storrs School, Sheffield, August 2017

“Really really useful – so glad I attended. Presented in an organised, speedy, detailed and interactive manner. I know it will benefit my students, well worth a day off school!

Colchester High School, Essex, February 2016

“Excellent. Really useful wish we had this INSET in September!

Clifton College, Bristol, February 2016

“A HUGE thank you for delivering such a good course! Even though my head felt like it was going to explode by the end of it I did realise that I can actually do it!

Hornsea School and Language College, East Riding, November 2015

“Fantastic course that has sharpened up my understanding. Makes a huge difference in how well students perform in exams

Cheam School, Surrey, November 2015

“Great and thank you! This has really helped and really made me feel ready to do this!

Finham Park School, Coventry, November 2015

“Excellent. Great inset. Awesome resources. Ali is a wonderful course speaker

St John Fisher School, Chatham, July 2015

“Fantastic, covered so much in so little time. I’d never get this quality of input online

Abbey College, Birmingham, July 2015

“Excellent! Well resourced and offered a range of ideas rather than just content, a fab speaker with clear experience

John Taylor High School, Burton on Trent, July 2015

“Clear and succinct, honest and pragmatic, extremely informative, supportive and trustworthy in knowledge

Nower Hill School, London, June 2015

“Superbly presented with a variety of practical activities to use immediately AND an explanation of the background as to WHY they are effective, would highly recommend

Dauntsey’s School, Devizes, January 2015

“Fantastic! Ali is always very thorough and directs his INSET to what clients need

Aman International School, Jordan, January 2015

“One of the best courses I have ever attended in my 12 years of teaching!

Goffs School, Hertfordshire, November 2014

“Golden Nuggets even from the first 10 minutes

Wolfreton School, Hull, July 2014

“Honest to God that was the most useful CPD session I have ever attended. He was a great speaker and gave us very practical things to use in lessons.

Ormiston Park Academy, Essex, July 2014

“Was engaged from start to finish which is rare for me. One of the best INSET I have been on

Piggott School, Reading, July 2014

“This INSET was amazing! One of the best sessions I have seen. Extremely useful ideas for AfL and independent learning which I will use in my class.

St Angelas Ursuline, London, July 2014

“Charismatic and really friendly, great content fantastic ideas, one of the best CPD sessions I’ve been on

New College Swindon, Swindon, July 2014

“Very detailed. Ali gave many great ideas for using in the classroom and more specifically how to adapt these for the brightest A* potential. Comprehensive, detailed and simply great value.

Garforth Academy, Leeds, July 2014

“This is what CPD should be

Hayes School, Bromley, July 2014

“Awesome! Thank you

Nowerhill School Harrow, July 2014

“Invaluable to both newly qualified and experienced teachers alike. It gave a focus to how AfL can improve both teaching and learning in the classroom. New practical techniques were introduced, such as coded marking, designed to give more fruitful feedback to students and help reduce teacher workload

Christ The King College, London, June 2014

“Fantastic ★★★★★

Rawlins College, Leicestershire, June 2014


William Farr School, Lincoln, June 2014

“Very well planned and tailored to meet the needs of everyone. An inspirational atmosphere..

St. Charles Catholic Sixth Form, London, March 2014

“Excellent. Great use of practical tools to aid teaching and assessment. Ali has shown how I can expand students’ thinking through complexity not effort

Bolton School Boys’ Division, Bolton, February 2014

“Excellent! Made me think throughout the whole day. Completely active and totally got me out of my comfort zone, thank you

Berkhamsted School, Hertfordshire, February 2014

“A knowledgeable and energetic trainer who recently delivered some excellent INSET on Differentiation . Ali’s experience in the classroom shows; he is full of great ideas to engage and motivate students and make learning active. Feedback was extremely positive and all staff left the session with a range of practical strategies which they could use in the classroom, will be inviting him back

Christ The King College, London, January 2014

“A fantastic and engaging presenter with very recent and practical experience. We have had Ali deliver to Post 16 teachers on a number of occasions and have integrated his CPD session as part of our induction process for all KS4/5 teachers. Ali provides practical strategies which are having a tangible impact on Teaching and Learning in the Academy

George Salter Academy, West Bromwich, October 2013

“In education, most charismatic speakers can often be substance over style. With Ali, you most definitely get both. Truly inspirational

Oldbury Academy West Midlands, October 2013

“Renewed my faith and dedication in teaching!

Norton Knatchbull School, Kent, September 2013

“Mind blowing amounts of ideas, inspiring and terrifying too! I have come home and bored my girlfriend senseless with how inspiring my day was!

Saltash.net Community School, Cornwall, July 2013

“Fantastic, helpful and resourceful. Ali is outstanding

National Keynote Sixth Form Conference, London, July 2013

“Probably the best course I have ever been on. Utterly valuable

Chigwell School, Essex , July 2013

“I can say it is the best course I have ever been on. You are honestly inspiring

Borden Grammar School, Kent, July 2013

“Excellent again, inspirational

National Keynote Sixth Form Conference, July 2013

“Clearly lots of time and effort went into making the course useful for delegates

Portsmouth Grammar School, July 2013

“Definitely book again couldn’t ask for a better course

Barry Comprehensive School, Glamorgan, July 2013

“I was very impressed with the session, as it was not only inspiring, but also very informative. Ali clearly knows how best to teach and implement teaching theory to boost outcomes for learners. The session was put together extremely well, and contained information that was extremely useful. I’d highly recommend a session ran by Ali

New College Swindon, June 2013

“Absolutely brilliant! Would love to have been taught by Ali as a student, so engaging. I have learnt so much!! Thank you

Borden Grammar School, Sittingbourne, June 2013


Burgate School & Sixth Form, Southampton, June 2013

“Inspiring! Fully engaged throughout, which is no mean feat considering the length of my journey and how tired I am! So good that I ran out of lead in my pencil

International Community School, Amman, Jordan, June 2013

“Excellent course as always from Ali. Very good balance between teaching ideas to meet OfSTED criteria and stretching the top end students

Prior Ruskin Academy, Grantham , June 2013

“Ali is an inspirational speaker who combines expertise with enthusiasm, and knowledge with humour. When Ali came to talk to our students he kept them completely engaged, interested and enthusiastic for three full hours. All came out saying that they had learnt a great deal and that they had enjoyed the experience and wanted more. I thoroughly recommend Ali for his wit, expert knowledge and imaginative delivery. We will certainly be inviting him back

Landau Forte College, Derby, May 2013

“Excellent course. Great delivery, enthusiastic and knowledgeable, will have Ali come into our school

Bedford Modern School, Bedford, April 2013

“Outstanding INSET for outstanding lessons, with outstanding outcomes. Truly excellent, thank you

Downside School, Bath, April 2013

“Learnt a lot about how to keep pupils switched on and concentrating during the middle section of lessons, thanks again Ali for another great INSET

Brighton Hove & Sussex 6th Form College, April 2013

“It was brilliant. The quality of teaching was informative and packed with amazing resources. I would definitely recommend Ali.

Sir Harry Smith Community School, Peterborough, April 2013

“Superb in every way

Derby College, Derby, April 2013

“We first came across Ali last year. His delivery was informative, lively, right up to date, interactive and confidence inspiring. His charismatic and very approachable manner must surely make him a sought after trainer.

Kingswood School, Bath, March 2013

“Excellent. This is the first time ever that I have found INSET that was worthwhile throughout the whole day. There wasn’t anything that wasn’t of any value and the delivery from Ali was phenomenal.

Scarborough 6th Form College, Scarborough, March 2013

“Ali is an outstanding speaker who provides excellent workshops on a variety of subjects. He is charismatic, extremely knowledgeable and provides great value sessions for students and staff members alike

Netherthorpe School Chesterfield , February 2013

“Excellent. So much information, advice, resources – great value for money! This will keep me going for some time. Very practical led by someone with genuine and evident classroom experience.

Mayfield Grammar School, Gravesend, February 2013

“I went away feeling confident about how I teach, but I also gained invaluable knowledge about assessment that I passed onto my students. The day was very worthwhile and the training was exemplary

St Vincent 6th Form College, Hants, February 2013

“Fantastic! Lots of great, quick and useful ideas to facilitate my quest to improve AFL techniques. Good links to OfSTED criteria which helped explain why this is important for teachers

Dean Close School, Cheltenham , February 2013

“The AFL INSET is the best training I have been on for some time. Ali provided us with very practical resources and solutions to putting in place outstanding AFL practices in the classroom. Ali also made sure the session was friendly and fairly informal whilst still being professional. I will definitely attend any course delivered by Ali in the future

Peter Symonds College, Hampshire, February 2013

“It is obvious that he is an expert in this area, and he has been vital support for me during my first few years of teaching’

St John’s School, Leatherhead , February 2013

“Ali made a real impact on our students, and they found his information and delivery memorable so that they requested that he come in and deliver a second session. I would not hesitate to request his services again in the future. Ali is interesting to listen to, expert in his field, really knows his stuff and is motivational. He left me as a teacher and my students with increased confidence and motivation to work harder, try new ideas and to push for that little bit extra

Wymondham High School, Norwich, January 2013

“Ali is an excellent, succinct, clear speaker leaving no doubt in your mind

Hampton School, Middlesex, November 2012

“Ali was extremely helpful for moving on my department in line with inspection criteria in addition to helping students make progress. He could not have been more helpful. I fully recommend attending any INSET courses run by him, excellent value for money

The Burgate School and Sixth form, Southampton , July 2012

“Extremely good! Content so good I found it inspiring

Watford Grammar School, Watford, July 2012

“Very proficient in all respects. Huge admiration for Ali’s knowledge and advice!

Rugby High School, Rugby, April 2012

“Excellent. Ali is a great trainer, stimulating, motivating and clearly in touch with teachers practices

South Devon College, April 2012

“Very informative and did what it said it would. Very helpful for someone feeling isolated and overwhelmed’

Wilmington Academy, Kent, April 2012

“Very impressed. An excellent range of ‘outstanding’ teaching methods to take away, more like this please!

Sharnbrook Upper School, Bedfordshire, January 2012

“Not one thing seemed irrelevant and I feel I can implement all of it into my teaching

Sandbach High School and 6th Form, Cheshire, November 2011

“Excellent! Ali’s enthusiasm and passion did not ebb all day. The pace was breathtaking, this is a good thing. I learned a huge amount that I can use as soon as I get back to school

Frome Community College, Somerset, November 2011


Kennet School, Berkshire, November 2011